When you lose motivation – Motivational strategies

When we were young, we never give up on anything. We all had a very strong desire to achieve what we intend to do. When I watch my 7-year-old son daily, I see him accomplish what he wants to do all the time. As an example, if he wants to play with his friend, and if he needs me to get an appointment with his friend’s parent. Sometimes, he directly asks me or if I avoid the conversation, then he comes back a few days later and reminds me of his desire with smiles that I couldn’t resist every time. Eventually, I ended up granting his wishes. In other words, he always has a very strong motivation for his goals.

It took me 6 hours to make this lego rocket.
It took me 6 hours to build this lego rocket thanks to my son.

Then when we grow up, we begin to lose this ability “consistency”. We get motivated about new things and got excited. Then if it takes a long time, often times we got discouraged or demotivated by saying “overwhelmed”. Going to dream colleges is a long term race. In this race, motivation is very important. So here are some tips about how to get motivated and stay motivated.

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In this episode, you will find topics like.

“Why do you think students lose motivation?”

“Motivational strategies”

and more..


Now I am going to talk about motivation in new perspective. If you’re kind of a person who seeks rewards such as recognition and praise from parents, teachers or even from peers, this might be helpful. Compliments are great. I do love it, too. But I don’t need it. If you rely on compliments and if this is your source of motivation, this is a problem. Because if you don’t get it, then you become helpless.

There was once a time I’ve chased after compliments. I needed it so much. This became a very strong motivation for a while. I got over the moon when my parents, teachers or peers told me I am great at something. But I couldn’t satisfy them all the time. After a while, I got tired of living the life of needing compliments from external sources. This was the moment when I realized that I could look inward as opposed to outward. From this moment and forward, I didn’t need compliments from others.


During your high school period, if you lose your motivation in terms of college goals, you can seek help. There are a number of professional organizations like us (Admission Masters) who could help you set goals to reach your destinations. I don’t know about other organizations, but we’re not limited to academic advising, we also provide personal development help.

Sometimes, when you lose motivation if you have someone to talk about your issues, it helps a lot. Often times, you can figure out a way to get you motivated again all by yourself. We hear from our former students who went to their dream colleges that visiting Admission Masters office helped them to get through difficulties. Also, they were able to get motivated by getting a lot of encouragements from counselors. This may be possible via online, but when you are face to face with someone, this gets more personal and meaningful.

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