College Information: Harvard

  • Motto: Veritas “Truth”
  • Founding Date: 1636
  • Founded: (by) The Great and General Court of Massachusetts Bay Colony, (after) John Harvard of Charlestown (first benefactor)
  • Academic Staff: 2400
  • Students: 36,012
  • Harvard College (Undergraduate): 6,699
  • Graduate and Professional School: 13,120
  • Harvard Extension: 16,193

A name that needs no introduction, Harvard still reigns as one of the most prestigious and world renowned universities. What began with only seven students is now the home of over 36,000 enrolled students and 360,000 living alumni. Located in Cambridge, MA, this historic campus cultivates a culture of strong academic excellence rooted in extensive and unparalleled research.

With a long legacy of scholarship and teaching, Harvard provides its students with an unprecedented educational experience. From the small class sizes to personalized degree programs, students have the ability to create the path they desire for the college tenure. There are over 50 concentrations (majors) to select from, with the options for secondary concentration and research opportunities.

In fact, the Harvard Library is the largest academic library in the world, and its museums are ranked alongside the most world famous, holding more than 28 million artifacts and specimens.

However, Harvard is not just recognized for its high academic standards. On campus, there is a strong community that is intentionally cultivated with Harvard’s commitment to housing all of its enrolled undergraduate students. Whereas other universities prioritize freshman–and in some cases, sophomores–Harvard has implemented a housing tradition with their beloved “Housing Day” where underclassmen and upperclassmen all participate in the selection of where freshmen will transition after the end of their first year. This close-knit environment allows for all students to fully become engulfed in campus life and develop an everlasting connection to their college. 

Additionally, Harvard offers impressive financial aid award packages, making the possibility of attaining an Ivy League education more accessible for those who have the academic prowess to attend but may have other external factors affecting their ability to. So while Harvard may not be everyone’s choice, it is not from any lack of effort on the University’s behalf. 

While it is no secret that Harvard accepts students who excel in their academics far beyond the average, it would serve a great benefit to understand what more the admissions committee looks for in a potential student. 

Can you stretch yourself past your comfort zone?

What things outside of yourself do you deeply care about?

” Do other people tend to crave your presence? What have you learned as a result of a failure?

These are the types of questions that Harvard Admissions committees seek to find answers to upon reading student applications. With an excellent academic record being a must and extracurricular distinction also expected, the basis of an admissions decision rests with personal qualities and character. While Harvard prides itself on a 96-98% graduation rate, producing citizens that become creators and makers of culture are what they desire–students who are unusually strong across the board. Even in the application process, students who can identify obstacles they have overcome and how those situations shaped them are the ones they want to admit. Ultimately, Harvard wants to educate students who are willing to become educators–not by trade, but in deed. Students who live their lives on and in purpose, to instill hope and inspire a future to classmates and professors alike–this is what makes a Harvard student. This is the culture of Harvard.

If you want to give yourself a fighting chance, make sure you prioritize these three things: 

  1. Superb Academics
  2. Distinctive Extracurricular activities
  3. Strong personal qualities and character traits

At Admission Masters, we have had the privilege of sending students to attend Harvard University every year for the past decade. As it is our goal to encourage students to attend the university that best suits their academic and career goals, Admission Masters is proud of our students who have earned such a rare opportunity and taken advantage of every resource available to launch them into their lives and careers. Will you be next? 

College Admission Consulting Group, ‘Admission Masters’
[LA, Irvine, Brea in California, Seoul in Korea]

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