College Information: Yale

  • Motto: Lut et Veritas
  • Founding Date: 1701 
  • Location: New Haven, CT
  • Academic Staff: 4,739
  • Undergraduate: 5,964
  • Graduate and Professional Students: 7,469
  • International Students: 2,996
  • Average SAT Scores:
  • (Evidence-Based Reading and Writing) 720-770    (Math) 740-790
  • Average ACT Scores: 33-35

There is one word that describes the culture of all Yalies: Tradition. Yale is best known for it’s academic rigor and cultivation of a college residential life that connects all attendees across generations and time zones. Home to more than 70 collegiate presidents and 5 United States presidents, the reputation of Yale is carried in and through all those who graduate from this prestigious university. 

Unashamedly, Yale expects and requires high academic achievement both before and during enrollment. The perfect balance between a research institution and undergraduate college, Yale is a pub for those who are self-proclaimed over achievers. In fact, stellar academic records may provide an applicant with grace should they have received less than excellent testing scores, but this is not true the other way around. High scores will not serve as a substitute for lower academic achievement. At Yale, students complete a total of 36 classes prior to commencement whereas most other universities only require 32. Knowing this, applicants should be prepared to dedicate ample time for studying and completing their courses at the top level. 

Quite untraditionally, students have more freedom in selecting the classes they want to take. The track to graduation at Yale is not one comprised of a core curriculum. Rather, students are required to take a number of selected subject areas, but they course is their choice. Students are also required to pass an intermediate level mastery of a foreign language. At the Freshman level, the lectures are typically large with much smaller discussion sections. As students move to upper level lectures, they will find a plethora of options and will be met with favorable (smaller) class sizes. At all levels, students have ample access to world-class professors.

Like most other IVY leagues, Yale offers an impressive financial aid package. In fact, Yale meets the full financial obligation of all its undergraduate students. It is their aim to prevent students from having to take out loans of any sort. For this reason, merit and athletic scholarships are not awarded (though Yale does host over 30 Division 1 athletic teams). 

Beyond all it has to offer, the residential colleges are the heart of Yale University. As students spend most of their time dedicated to studying, and while there are opportunities for social involvement (like fraternities, sororities, etc.), the residential colleges provide an intimate living and learning environment where students bond and create memories not only with those who attend during the same time as them, but even those who have lived there before. Keeping up with tradition, Yalies have seasonal events like the annual snowball fight to mark the beginning of winter and Fun Day to mark the beginning of Spring.

So how do you join this exclusive family of Yalies? Show them what you have to offer. Yale admissions officers know that their applicants will all reign as the tops of their classes. What makes you stand out is what you plan to do with your uniqueness. Because the university offers top notch educational resources and opportunities, you would do well to showcase how you plan to utilize what they have to offer. Considering the type of alumni that have heralded from Yale, your leadership capabilities will determine whether or not you will be a good fit for this university. Admissions officers are looking for students who will add to its rich legacy not just while they are in college, but even after into their careers. 

How can you prepare your application? Begin to make connections between your academics, your extracurricular involvement, and what you may plan to do even after college. Look at the big picture and connect the dots as to your reasons behind your choices and your plans once you are finished. By doing this, you demonstrate to the admissions committee that you are dedicated to taking full advantage of the four years ahead of you, and that you will carry its name strong!

Admission Masters has an impressive track record with Yale acceptances. Do you want to join the list? We’re here to support you!

College Admission Consulting Group, ‘Admission Masters’
[LA, Irvine, Brea in California, Seoul in Korea]

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