One small step at a time, a giant leap toward Stanford – Meet Dorothy Kang

My conversation with Dorothy Kang was a really pleasant experience because her story was really fascinating in many ways. I came across a lot of people in my life but I haven’t met many people who had a firm dream (or goal) from childhood and it being consistent throughout their entire life. To my surprise, she was one of them.

Dorothy’s story starts when she was a child who had a dream to one day become an anchorwoman. She often watched a TV show about investigative reports and she admired them because reporters go around the world and meet with interesting people and cover their stories. Dorothy thought this would definitely be a fun job.

A photo taken by Dorothy Kang

Dorothy is also interested in photography. Even though she hasn’t taken any formal training, she seems to have a natural eye for photography. As an experienced marketing consultant and photographer myself, I was thoroughly impressed by her photos. Typically someone who has never received formal photography training tries to capture a lot of scenes in one photo. In other words, there is no distinctive subject in one photo, therefore it’s hard to tell a story from the photo. The photo (above) of a dog watching through a window in the old building seems pretty interesting to me. It makes me wonder what is happening where the dog is staring.

The photo (below) of the sea is also interesting because it would’ve been a boring photo if she didn’t include a huge boulder/cliff. On top of that, if the rock takes up more than ⅓ of the entire scene, then it might have been too much. Somehow she instinctively knew the rule of thirds in the photography composition.

A photo taken by Dorothy Kang
A photo taken by Dorothy Kang

As a Stanford student today, her dream hasn’t changed much from childhood.

I’d like to help people. I really want to make a tangible impact on people’s lives.

I get the feeling that one day I might come across a book written by Dorothy Kang.  I am sure that I would read some inspiring stories about various people in the world.

Dorothy Kang
Dorothy Kang

Dorothy didn’t believe she could get accepted to Stanford. She had good academic performance but she didn’t think it was enough. Then one day her mother listened to a radio program and learned about Admission Masters. At first, Dorothy didn’t believe college consulting services could make a big difference. But evidently visiting Admission Masters office literally changed her life. In this regard, she is thankful to her mother!

What she liked about Admission Masters is that she could visit the office in person as opposed to chatting online (which a lot of services do today). Dorothy said Admission Masters counselors are always encouraging and they gave her the ideal resources to whatever she needed. Thanks to them, she was able to have the courage to apply to Stanford.


Getting into a prestigious school like Stanford is tough, and though she worked incredibly hard throughout her high school career, she never did anything she didn’t fully enjoy. She followed her passions and expanded on her interests. Therefore she treasured her high school journey.

One small step at a time toward her dream turned into a giant leap toward Stanford.

If you’re interested in getting to know about Admission Masters, check this article out. (Click the image below)



College Admission Consulting Group, ‘Admission Masters’
[LA, Irvine, Brea, San Marino, Seoul in Korea]

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