How to stay motivated to reach your goals

No one can stay motivated consistently. This is especially true when you are under a lot of stress — whether that’s for school or for your college admissions process. When you become a senior year in high school, the college applications process becomes your reality. At this point, you may feel a mix of emotions. Some may be confused or overwhelmed and others may feel pressured to make a decision. But this is very natural. The question is how to overcome such feelings and stay on the right path, in other words, stay motivated until you reach your final destination.


One day I met a very smart student at a prestigious university. He seemed like a person who always knew what to do. So I was pretty certain that he wouldn’t feel confused or overwhelmed during his senior year in high school. But, I was quite surprised to know that even the perfect, straight A’s, never-stressed student, went through the same feelings as any other senior in high school. Back in high school, he always knew what to do and his academic performance was more than enough. But one day it occurred to him, what if he needed a better SAT score to secure his dream college or what if he chose the wrong college (after all, he didn’t spend much time on researching on his college options). This went on for weeks. Ultimately, when he found himself at a roadblock, he asked his brother, who went to his dream school, for help.


We all get confused anytime we are pushed to make a very important decision in life. If you accept a mix of emotions and recover from it as soon as possible, you can stay on the right path. But, if you can’t pull it together by yourself, you can always ask for help. Here are some tips about how to stay motivated during the college admissions process.

1. Start as early as possible:
Sometimes, when we face difficult tasks, we tend to postpone it and end up procrastinating. But when we do this, this puts more pressure on ourselves. If you’re in a hurry, you are prone to make mistakes. On the other hand, if you start early, you can consider many options and think them through carefully. Additionally, if you miss something, you might still have time to correct your mistakes, which would be impossible when you do things last minute.

2. Work with your mentor or counselor:
Working with your mentor (this could be your teacher or parents, etc.) or counselor is a great idea. You don’t have to do things alone. Talking with someone who has been in your shoes simply gives you better insights.

3. Rest wisely:
If you work too hard on one topic, you can’t think wisely. Sometimes, you need a new perspective. So resting is a very strategic activity. If you rest wisely, you will have a clear head and a more peaceful mindset.


There is one more way to stay motivated even before you officially start the college admissions process. There are a number of college admissions consulting services available. The benefit of getting this service is the experience that college admissions consultants have. This means not only can they give you advice whenever you are in need but they can also provide a stress-free environment by helping you manage and schedule your tasks.

If you board our ship even long before senior year in high school, Admission Masters (a mission control center like NASA) will make sure to secure your arrival to wherever you desire!

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