A former student of Admission Masters, a story about experiences at Stanford University

Having a concrete goal may be awesome, but the process of achieving your dream may be stressful at times. This is what happens to a lot of students who are working on college applications. When you are in the middle of a big problem, sometimes you can find a good solution when you don’t think about your problem. How ironic! Just like this, as a student who may have a lot of stress from college application preparation could often avoid stress when they don’t think about it at all (at least for a moment).


Got a lot of stress about college admission?

Here are some tips for you to avoid stress. First off, physical exercise always helps a lot. Secondly, chat with your best friends about your stress. This will in fact help you relieve it by sharing your story with others. But often times, people are hesitant in sharing their issues with others. So, an alternative way is to read what others did when they were in your shoes. Or an even better solution would be listen to podcasts on topics you’re interested in.

Admission Masters publishes articles about college admissions advice through websites or newspapers. But we also have a podcast!

Admission Masters Podcast channel

Admission Masters Podcast channel

One of the episodes I’d like to recommend you when you are under a lot of stress is Episode 8 in the Season 2. It’s about a special guest Dorothy Kang, one of our former students who finished her first year at Stanford University (at the time of the podcast recording).

During this episode, she talks about her high school background and why she chose Stanford as her dream school. Basically she went through the same things you did. So hearing about her story will make you feel more relatable. Besides, it’s fun to hear about someone else’s story especially when there’s a happy ending.

Click this image for downloading podcast for details.


Admission Masters was such a big part of my journey.

Dorothy said. All of the counselors at Admission Masters feel rewarded when students we helped achieve their dreams. As much as we were a part of Dorothy’s journey, students like her are the reason we exist.

Since Stanford became her dream school as a young teenager, she always had doubts about whether or not she could make it. But here she is, now going into her third year at Stanford. She said people at Stanford are very humble, so she felt at home from the day one. She literally forgot how hard it was to get into this school because of this feeling.


Listen to Podcast while doing physical exercises

Make the best use of our Podcast channel!

Podcast (essentially audio based media) is a great tool for getting more information. If you have to watch a video, then you have to focus on a screen while watching it. But with audio clips, you can get information while doing physical exercises or other things (resting your eyes from studying).

Admission Masters podcast channel called “The Hall Pass Podcast” gives you a lot of tips for college admissions. Such as:

Season 2, Episode 2: College Essays

Season 3, Episode 5: Miscellaneous Secrets to College Admissions

and more…

Also episodes with special guests (former AM students to admissions representatives) can help you relieve your stress as you can empathize with their stories!

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