Real Magic for College Admission

When I first saw a book titled “Real Magic”, I was instantly intrigued. While I love all sorts of magic, I knew that this author (Dr. Wayne Dyer) talks a lot about self-motivation, therefore, this couldn’t be about real “Magic”. To my surprise, after finishing the book, I realized that Dr. Wayne Dyer literally talks about real magic.

When we were young and believed in Santa, we always had a strong wish for something and didn’t have the slightest doubt about the fact that it will come true sooner or later. Then as we grew older, we started doubting more and more about the world we once knew.

Real Magic inspired me in many ways.
Real Magic inspired me in many ways.

After reading “Real Magic”, I began to spread the word to my family and friends. They were very skeptical — saying that it all sounds too good to be true. If you feel the same way, this might help. Here are the words from Dr. Wayne Dyer. “If you really really really wish to achieve something, you should pretend that it’s already happened.” Of course, at first this isn’t easy, so you have to practice a lot. Then before you know it, it will become your reality. Like everyone else, I didn’t buy this at first. Then I thought to myself, what’s the harm of believing? So I made a list of goals I wish to achieve.

Then one day, I realized that I am already living my dream from years ago. Yes, some might say this might just be a coincidence. Maybe you’re right. But if you can reproduce this over and over, it’s no longer a coincidence.

If you have a strong wish for your dream college, you will eventually find a way to get there.

Can I wish for my dream college?

Yes, you can. But you have to try hard to believe that it’s already happened. The benefit of believing is that regardless of your awareness, you try to imitate the life of your dreams. In other words, if you wish for prestigious colleges, you act on that belief therefore you do what you would do as a college student.

But often times, people wish for something and start doubting about it. Like, “I am not good enough to go to my dream college.” This thought expands in a way, and you end up not trying hard enough to qualify your academic performance to attend your dream college.

If you really really wish for something, you tend to get inspired. According to Patanjali: “When you are inspired by some great purpose, some extraordinary project, all your thoughts break their bonds. Dormant focus, faculties, and talents become alive, and you discover yourself to be a greater person by far than you ever dreamed yourself to be.” At this point, if you are in need of help to fulfill your wishes, your help will show up in no time.

In this sense, if you happen to find us through a quick online search or via word of mouth, you are already halfway towards your goal. In other words, your wish will become true if you can persist on it!

Admission Masters, a college admissions counseling group, would like to meet with students who are truly inspired to fulfill their magic. Should you wish to know more about us, please read this article.

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