What type of extracurricular activities looks good on college applications?

What type of extracurricular activities should I do? Isn’t having a stellar GPA and high SAT score enough? I am sure you all know the answer already. Extracurricular activities are things you do outside of the classroom — activities that show your interests, hobbies, and passions. There are a number of choices you can make but simply choosing any extracurricular activity won’t impress college admission officers. So what specific type of extracurricular activities should I choose?

Perfect SAT score may be great. But extracurricular activities can be a determining factor.

If this is a challenging question for you, you have one more reason to find a college admission counseling service. There is no definitive answer for the best activity to make your college application look good. However, if you find your passion and dedicate enough time to prove that you are actually achieving something from the activity, this might be your answer. Now the question comes down to how to find this? If you seek help from Admission Masters counselors, a counselor can help you with choosing the right extracurricular activity for you.

One more reason to find Admission Masters college admission counseling
One more reason to find Admission Masters college admission counseling

First off, you need to think about the main activities vs. filler activities. You can’t dedicate equal amounts of your time on all 10 activities (the Common Application asks you to fill up to 10 spots for extracurricular activities). We believe a student should choose three to five activities that they want to explore in depth, otherwise known as your “top activities”. The rest will be filler activities — these are more “breadth” activities that you want to partake in but will not take too much of your time. While discussing with Admission Masters counselors, students can easily find what they like and prioritize it into main activities and filler activities. The earlier you make this decision, the better. Colleges want to see dedication and commitment, so doing an extracurricular activity for three years is better than spending your time on one for a year and do a new activity the next year.

Secondly, if you need help on improving your skills on your extracurricular activity, Admission Masters can assist you as well. Please read this article first (Admission Masters, your mission control center for college admission : https://theadmissionmasters.blog/2018/10/12/admission-masters-mission-control-center-college-admission/)

Usually, a student will talk to the main counselor regularly, but if they need something that another specialty counselor can support the student on, then there are other counselors who have the expertise to support you. Just like the NASA’s mission control center, we have a group of full-time counselors working together — a team of professionals to support you in your future endeavors.


Admission Masters use Google collaboration tools to communicate with students.

Google online collaboration tools

Depending on a student’s location, we can either have a meeting at our office or have a remote video conference meeting. We utilize Google Drive and documents as our main tools when we have online meetings. Through using easy-to-access Google documents, we can collaborate with students in real time. In other words, a student can work on the same document with a counselor as if they sat side-by-side typing on the same screen. This allows a student to work on an article while a teacher can assist in real time by seeing the same screen, making counseling sessions much more interactive.

Extracurricular activities records
Extracurricular activities records

Keep good track of your extracurricular activities

Occasionally students (or parents) ask us, “How do we keep track of extracurricular activities?” No worries. Our counselors will keep track of your extracurricular activities via a planner, tracker or resume. So we know not only what you’ve done in the classroom but also outside of the classroom. This allows us to alert students if there is a specific need. We will be your mission control center until you arrive at your final destination (college), so you don’t have to fear the process or journey itself.

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