A student guide to choose college admissions counselors

When you are interested in a certain product or service, what do you do? I look for customer testimonials as opposed to the actual product or service descriptions. I’ve seen the power of reviews and testimonials as a photographer who needs to purchase new camera gear quite often. The first thing I do is to search for photos taken by the camera that I am interested in. If the photos are attractive, then I look for user experiences. When I put these two components together (photos output in combination with user experiences), I can make a better decision.

Making a decision to purchase a camera is similar to making a decision for college admission counseling.
Making a decision to purchase a camera is similar to making a decision for college admission counseling.

When it comes to choosing college admissions counselors or consultants, it’s no different than choosing a camera for a photographer. If you visit the service provider’s website, you get nothing meaningful out of it. Who would ever advertise disadvantages through their official website? You need to hear from real customers such as students and parents who can provide an honest review of the services they received after getting college admissions consulting services. Of course, the service website may tell you what type of services are available, but there is no way you can get to know about their quality of service simply from that website.

Customer(student) Testimonials

Check out peer experiences
Customer (Student) Testimonial can be very useful.

This is why we try to tell more about what students have to say about us through various online channels. Not only do we have student testimonials on our website, but we also tell stories about students after they’ve been accepted through our podcast channel.
Check out this link for a story about a student named Julianne Kim.

Check out this link for a story about a Julianne Kim.

Admission Masters Podcast channel

In this Podcast episode, we tell stories about her high school experience, why she chose to apply for Columbia University, advice on college application and essays, and more. Of course, we choose variety of topics for our podcast but we make sure to include student experiences as much as possible.

at Admission Masters office


There is another way to experience college admissions consulting services in advance. Back to my camera story, after my analysis through internet search (photos taken by the camera I wish to purchase along with user testimonials), I go to a camera gear rental shop. The best way or maybe the only way to find out about the true value is to try it for myself. So I rent a gear for a week or so. After a week, I have a better idea about the camera. This takes a while but when I skip this process and just rely on my gut feeling, it never ended up well.

This is true for choosing a college admissions counselor service as well. To allow our prospective students and parents to try our services, we decided to offer a free counseling session. Once they experience what it’s like to have the service, they can feel confident in choosing us.


If you feel like you need help on college admissions, applications and planning your future now you know what to do. First look for students’ testimonials, then experience the service for yourself. This will make you feel confident in choosing one. At least this approach helped our clients choose us!

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