Campus tours show demonstrated interest for college admissions

Campus Tour

Do you know what college you want to attend? Can you name a few? How about the type of college environment you want? Before you make your ultimate decision on where you’d like to enroll, I’d like to advise you to visit the actual college campus and explore the environment and atmosphere while you’re there. In fact, this is just for colleges, this applies to anything. Let’s take for example, Josh, who always wanted to visit Guam to spend a wonderful vacation. Josh pictured Guam as a perfect paradise from the photos and articles he read from magazines and websites. But when Josh got to Guam eventually, he was disappointed because he didn’t particularly enjoy the hot and humid weather. When he went to visit, it was extra humid and rainy due to the season. This obviously wasn’t what he had imagined.

A paradise that might be pictured in a photo, may not necessarily be the paradise for you. – A photo of Guam

Like Josh, unless you experience something first hand, your perception about it can be misguided. For this reason and more, we can see why colleges would value your exposure to their campus and environment, as you may not know much about the school from simply reading about them online. I’d also recommend that you take the time to speak with professors, college students, admissions representatives, etc. while you’re on the tour to gain a better sense of what your experiences might be like if you were to attend.



Motivation is a key characteristic and quality that college admissions look for in their students. It’s been proven that motivated and driven students are the most dedicated and committed to achieving their goals. Nevertheless, it is also true that people cannot be motivated all the time. Of course, we can all get tired of trying.

Sometimes, we can fall into the “unmotivated period” longer than we’d like, and we can begin to lose the ability to push through. When this happens as a high school student, we highly recommend visiting your target college. By spending a day at your dream school and exploring the campus, sitting in on classes, eating at the dorms or the cafes, can you actualize your dreams and potentially inspire you to try harder.

One of the characteristics of self-motivated people is the concept of “fake it ‘till you make it.” In other words, faking reality until it becomes true. If you haven’t done this, give this a try, there is no harm in doing this!

Read a book at your dream college.

On the other hand, not everyone is self-motivated. In fact, it has been reported by various authors in the field of psychology that over 90% of high school teens are extrinsically motivated and have also mentioned that they need someone else to help motivate them (i.e, friends, teachers, coaches, etc.). As such, perhaps having a professional counselor to support you, someone who doesn’t have emotional attachments like your friends or parents, might be the ideal option.

There are always alternative ways to take you where you want to be.
There are always alternative ways to take you where you want to be.

When you begin your college application journey and start searching for the best college admission services to help you, I’d recommend that you avoid any organization that focuses on one proponent of your applications or gives you specific guarantees. College admissions is not a one-time deal. It is a reflection of your growth throughout your high school career. It is a reflection of your characteristics and strengths that you build over time. Secondly, we’d recommend that you make sure the people you are working with are experienced counselors. Whether that means they have many years working with students in the past or they’ve experience college applications themselves, you want to ensure that who you’re receiving advice from has the right advice.

There are a lot of choices you can find when you look for professional guidance, but Admission Masters might be the only one to provide a unique experience — an organization that stimulates your motivation and intrinsic desire to grow into a successful societal member beyond college.

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