Admission Masters, your mission control center for college admission

We all have a dream whether we are aware of it or not. As a student, often times your dream starts with being admitted by a good college. To this end, you might feel pressured from time to time. At least, I was. The main challenge might be simply, the unknown. You don’t know if you’re making the right choices, or spending your time correctly, or what college even looks like.


College consultant should be like Robin Williams in Good Will Hunting movie.
College consultants are like Robin Williams in Good Will Hunting.

Have you ever seen a movie “Good Will Hunting”?

This movie touched me enormously not because of the main actor’s special ability in mathematics but because of how a counselor in the movie guided a rather spoiled young man to become someone worthy. Having someone to guide and provide you with the right path can help you tremendously in achieving success. Simply following instructions may seem tedious, but stimulating your passions through empathy makes following instructions much easier.


Admission Masters success stories


Now let’s take a look at a different perspective. As parents, there isn’t much you can do to help your children in pursuing academic goals. Even if you have a degree at your children’s preferred colleges, it’s not much use as you can’t really teach your children without letting your emotions cloud your judgment during the path. So the only thing you can offer is your big shoulders. And maybe lend your ears when they need to talk to someone about their concerns.


Admission Masters in a newspaper media.
Admission Masters in a newspaper media.


At this point, typically what people do is to search. If you search on college consulting or counseling, it’s easy to find some institutes where they offer tutors or education programs. This, of course, is very useful, but what’s more important is to find someone like Robin Williams (Sean Maguire) from Good Will Hunting. In other words, someone who could motivate and inspire students towards a right path as opposed to simply telling them what to do.


The Martian


In the book The Martian, the main character, Mark Watney, was left behind when they escaped from the storm on Mars. But later Mark was able to open communication with the NASA team and let them know he is alive. Of course, Mark had to struggle and figure things out alone to survive. But at the end of the day, he was not alone. A group of team back on Earth found solutions and guidance for Mark’s situation and eventually led to his survival.

This book is very similar to what students have to go through for college admissions. But the main difference is that usually students don’t have the luxury of having the team like NASA where various experts come up with the best solutions for you… until Admission Masters.



Admission Masters full-time consultants


We are a group of counselors who are ready for you. One expert can do only so much but a group of experts can offer the best solutions until you reach your destination. Having a main counselor as the team leader anchor and lead the ship while a team of experts delve into the specifics — you will have a Robin Williams and a NASA to guide you towards future success.


Board our ship, AM mission control center will secure your arrival to wherever you desire!

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